About Magnolia Park

  • Magnolia Park School is a regionalized Foothill SELPA program, which serves students from 澳门直播开奖网, Glendale Unified School District, and La Canada Unified School District.

    Magnolia Park School is a special educational program for students whose social emotional functioning is significantly impacting his or her education.  Within a small, structured, therapeutic setting, students work toward achieving the academic, social, and emotional goals set forth in their Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Our mission is to assist our students in gaining coping skills for managing environmental stressors and mental health symptoms while obtaining a high school diploma.  

    There are two high school classrooms that provide instruction for 9-12th grade. Students are provided an opportunity to recover credits due to the flexibility of the academic programing, which allows for students to complete classes outside of the typical course of study. Credit redemption and counseling support is also provided during the ESY (Extended School Year) program, offered during summer session.  

    In addition to meeting academic requirements, Magnolia Park School provides school-based counseling and behavior services to high school students and their families. The program focuses on developing pro-social coping/life skills. Each student receives at minimum 60 minutes per week of both individual and group counseling and 60 to 240 minutes per month for parent counseling. The school-based counseling expands beyond outpatient counseling, which gives the clinician an opportunity to see the larger picture and address issues and challenges holistically. The clinicians at Magnolia Park School work collaboratively with teachers, behavior aides, and the Program Specialist/School Psychologist throughout the day as issues and challenges arise. This gives clinicians an opportunity to address issues immediately and in coordination with the school staff. Throughout the school day, the clinicians utilize a cognitive behavioral approach to assist students in his or her interactions in the present allowing for a more problem-solving orientation.

    Additionally, Magnolia Park School incorporates creative arts and other educational programs from outside providers to help enrich the students’ learning experience and growth.


    Hours during regular school year/in-person instruction:

    Monday - Friday: 8:30 am - 3:30 pm

    Tuesday: 8:30 am -3:30 pm


    Hours during ESY (Extended School Year held in June and July):

    Summer Session is 4 days a week


    Class size: 10-12 students

    Grades served: 9 - 12

Enrollment Process

  • Prior to the referral process, the school or district based IEP team agrees that the student is unable to access the school curriculum in a less restrictive environment.

    The IEP teams will recommend/consider a small setting with therapeutic support. Then, the students are considered for enrollment once the home school psychologist has presented the student to the Referral to Treatment Team (RTT). The RTT must agree that the student is appropriate for the program. Once the student has been accepted, the enrollment process occurs. Often, there are visits to the campus before the student is enrolled. The IEP itself serves as a “permit” for students outside of BUSD.

    Student Requirements:

    -IEP team agrees that the student is unable to access the school curriculum in a less restrictive environment

    -IEP team recommending/considering a small setting with therapeutic support

    -The home district presents student to the Referral to Treatment Team (RTT) at Magnolia Park School

    -The RTT agrees that the student is an appropriate fit for the program

    -Student must meet the special education eligibility criteria for Emotional Disturbance (ED)

    -Student must have cognitive ability and academic skills within the low average to above average range

  • April Weaver, Principal

    Avra Warsofsky - Program Specialist/School Psychologist

    Randall Badders - Teacher

    Maggie Hess- Witucki - Teacher

    Kristine Arutyunyan - Paraeducator - Severe Behavioral II

    Kim Morales - Paraeducator - Severe Behavioral II

    Dolly Perez - Community Welfare Specialist

    Rita Avedissian - Therapist

    Megan Mathewson - Therapist

    Shara Massare - Office Manager


Contact Us


    1915 Monterey Avenue
    Burbank, California 91506

    Phone: 818-729-7650
    Fax: 818-729-3482

    (Enter off of Lamer St - we share a campus with Monterey High School)